Rachel’s Lion Roars

JAN 12, 2009 updated May 30, 2016

Congratulations to Rachel Galloway of Mamma Made Designs. In a tussle between beasties, her lions managed to defeat the goats, bucks and assorted animals of Wild West by Becka Rahn. You can buy Rachel's fabric for the next seven days in our Etsy store.

Buy Rachel's lions in the Spoonflower Etsy store
The final voting results:

If you've never looked at it, do take a few minutes to peruse Rachel's work. She is also the author of an extensive series of tutorials on designing fabric that are linked from our FAQ page. Go, Rachel!


And now for this week's contest. We've been trying to figure out how to get through the entry queue a bit faster, so this week we're altering the rules slightly to vote on six, rather than four, designs at once. That may make deciding which one you like best that much harder, but it will also mean that more Spoonflower designers get to participate.

Click here to vote in this week's contest!

Up this week:

Vote here. Follow the results as they come in here.

Find out how to enter your own design (must already be on Spoonflower) here.

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