Royal Forest it is!

DEC 29, 2008 updated May 30, 2016

Buy Royal Forest fabric in the Spoonflower Etsy shop
Royal-forest by Mary Brewer of Butler, Pennsylvania. wins this week's Spoonflower fabric design contest. Congratulations to Mary for her lovely design, which you can buy — for the next seven days only — in Spoonflower's Etsy shop. Be sure to check out Mary's other work on her blog, Royal Forest.

Final tallies, for those keeping track, were:
boo-print by Lisa Jonte: 70

Clouds & stars by Stephanie Diederich: 130

kittyfabric_blue by supernsnackcake: 389

Royal-forest by Mary Brewer: 609

As always, thanks to all of the designers who participated. We think you are all great.


The design competition this week is between Vote for this week's fabric.
four more diverse designs, so be sure to cast your vote for the next fabric-of-the-week.

Wolf and Little Red by Gumball Grenade (Utah)
Christmas Birds by Suzanne Shearer (Shetland Isles, Scotland) [and yes, I should have run this last week]
Puppyfabric by Denise Newberry (Fort Collins, Colorado)
Cricket Rider by Nalo Hopkinson (Toronto, Canada)

Vote by clicking on the image to the right.

You can review the rules for submitting your own design here.

You can follow this week's results as they come in here.

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