Handmaking gets famous

DEC 10, 2008

Let me just say right off the bat that I do not follow celebrity news, like, at all.  I’ve never cared one iota what the rich and beautiful are up to.  There are so many other, better things to think about, right?  Let me say, too, that I almost never listen to commercial radio.  One benefit of living in Chapel Hill is that we have a number of great college radio stations to choose from, and I much prefer that music and those dj’s.  The lack of obnoxious commercials every few seconds is also a perk.

Ok.  So now that I’ve established myself as a total snob, I can tell you that yesterday I had on the worst of the worst local commercial radio stations while driving the girls to library story time.  They were playing round-the-clock Christmas carols, see, and naturally WXYC is not.  We were pulling into the library parking lot, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” sung by who-knows-this-time came to an end, and the lady dj came on.  I was just thinking, “Glad we’ll be missing her,” when she busted out a heartening piece of celebrity trivia.

It was this:  Kate Hudson is knitting all her Christmas gifts this year.  Apparently, she and her family are cutting back on purchases for the holidays, too (though I suspect her idea of expendable cash is rather different from the rest of us).  And I thought to myself, well, alright!  Yay!  Maybe something good will come out of this recession after all if handmaking becomes mainstream!  Personally, I’d love to see that happen, even if it is awfully fun to shock my non-crafty friends with the news that I made the skirt I’m wearing or those napkins they’re wiping their mouths with or the like.  Wouldn’t you?

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  • love this post. i’m all for handmade going mainstream, as long as the linen/craft room at my favorite thrift store doesn’t get too crowded 🙂

  • I just got an email from you guys that my first ever spoonflower fabric order is in the mail! I had my blog readers help me pick which of my pear patterns to pick and I was thrilled that close to 100 folks came by to vote (they are as excited as I am about this)! I’ll be posting the fabric and more designs that I am going to send your way! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I cannot wait to get more stuff from you guys!

  • Howdy neighbor! I live in Wake County. Indeed that crafting had become so trendy? Well…I’m happy to see it. Merry Christmas!