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DEC 9, 2008

Being crazy busy lately has meant that we’ve been fitting Spoonflower into our lives whenever and wherever possible.  Stephen checks help emails first thing in the morning and well into nighttime hours these days.  Whenever my two younger daughters are sleeping at the same time, I’m on the computer dealing with help emails, browsing our Flickr pool and your blog posts, and, more rarely these days, composing my own Spoonflower blog posts.  When I’m packaging orders, it’s usually on the weekends while Stephen stays home with the girls.  Or it’s early in the morning before anyone even wakes up.  I got up at 5:30 this morning to go into work and walked blearily out of Spoonflower HQ with a big post office lug of 30+ packages to mail.   Such is the life of a start-up.  It’s mostly fun, often tiring, but inspiring and interesting daily.

I recently found a great new way to pass those quiet hours cutting and wrapping fabric, though.  Obviously, craft blog surfing and rotary cutting fabric don’t mix, but craft-related podcasts fit the bill very nicely.  The fact that there are intelligent, interesting women talking about all things sewing- and craft-related on-line is probably not real big news to a lot of you out there, but I confess that this is a pretty new thing to me.  It’s WAY better than NPR in my book, and a good Craftypod episode from Sister Diane is the perfect match for an early morning fabric cutting session.  Browse through her long list of episdoes–an interview with Stephen is one of them!–and after you’ve exhausted all that good stuff, check out her sidebar of other crafty podcasters.  I guarantee you’ll find someone–and certainly some new inspiration–that you love.

Another crafty podcaster I ran across recently is Tina Seamonster at Hello Craft.   Her blog is an awesome resource, but her podcasts are what really stand out for me.  They’re made by other crafters who call in and make a recording about their crafting lives.  I love these little windows into why other people make things and absolutely plan to record my own once I figure out what I want to say.  Click here for details on how you can contribute your own story of why you make things.  I can’t wait to hear it!


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  • I completely agree: I’m an addict of crafty podcasts while cutting fabric or even while marking up text for a freelance job (I’m a book editor). Heading one – purl one! Heading style 4, BOLD – cut 42 squares….
    Have you tried CraftSanity? It’s my favourite crafty interview podcast –
    Thanks for the Spoonflower blog. I check in once in a while, usually before everyone’s awake. Sound familiar?

  • Thanks so much for this nice shout-out, Kim! I love that you’re listening to the podcast while sending awesome custom fabrics out into the world!