Apples to apples

DEC 8, 2008 updated May 30, 2016

apples fabric by Carolina Harris on Etsy
Congratulations to Carolina Harris! This week her "Applesfinalhalf" design narrowly beat out "Emma's Owl" by Rachael Barkess. For the next seven days you can buy her lovely fabric in the Spoonflower store on Etsy. You can also see more of Carolina's work at her blog Beyond Wonderland.[Oops: bad link. Let's try her current blog, also called Beyond Wonderland.]

The final tallies were:

Don't forget to vote again this week! The designs are:"collage_fabric_cropped" by joyce vance
of Birmingham, Alabama, "OUToftheBOX003" by Dawn Huntington of Vista, California, "girls" by JoyBucket, and 
"bloom_in_red" by Rachel Walsh of Dublin, Ireland.

Fabric-of-the-week contest, 12/8

[You can follow results as they come in here, or review the rules here. Click here to vote.]

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  • I love being able to vote on these – it’s hard to pick though:)
    I really like the variety this week – the density of the collage one is so nice, the simplicity & whimsy of the little creature ones – the lovely graphic printiness of the girls, and the charming big red flowers with stitchty leaves…
    I voted but I’m not telling who for:))