Repeat patterns for sale by one of our own!

NOV 13, 2008 updated Apr 26, 2021

I had a Spoonflower user email me a couple of days ago to tell me about her brand spanking new Etsy shop.  Her email and shop caught my attention because I haven’t seen this idea done through Etsy before–though it’s true that I haven’t looked.  Rather than selling items that she’s actually made, Beth Spenader–aka, Miss Black Pepper–sells repeating patterns that she’s designed.  And rather than the hundreds of dollars other sites are charging for the level of use she’s offering, Beth has several designs available at just $6.00 for use even on items you plan to make and sell in your own Etsy shop.  How cool is that?

Beth’s shop is all of two weeks old now and she’d love to hear from you about what sorts of patterns you might find useful.  You can email her here with your ideas and requests.  She’s mighty friendly, so don’t be shy!

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  • Not to boast or anything…. but I did this a while back… 😉 (Link on my blog) I’ve not got as many designs up though – if only there were more hrs in the day!

  • Beth just designed the MOST AWESOME steampunk design for me and did it in a matter of hours. She’s awesome! If you don’t see something on there that you are looking for just shoot her an email and she’ll probably be more than happy to whip something up for you. My strengths are in sewing not graphic design so it was such a nice pairing.

  • Caitlin Youngquist

    Oooh, rats! I was gonna do the exact same thing. She beat me to it. Good luck, Beth!