News: Centering designs, favorites, new fabric, contest

NOV 11, 2008 updated May 30, 2016

Lots of Spoonflower news this week, some of which you may see again in an upcoming email:

  • When you order a piece of fabric, you can now choose to center your design OR repeat it against the area (one yard, for example) of fabric you’re planning to buy. Among other things, this makes  printing photos or individual designs much easier.
  • You can now bookmark other public designs by selecting them as ‘Favorites,’ which then show up on your Spoonflower profile. You can see mine here.
  • We’re about to discontinue the Kona cotton from Robert Kaufman in favor of a very similar cotton broadcloth. I’ll hold off on the final announcement until we’ve had a chance to do some testing, but I think everyone will be very happy with the new fabric.
  • We’re planning a contest in which the community will vote on a design that they’d like to be able to buy. Only designs submitted specifically for the contest will be eligible and each winner will get five yards of free fabric. Spoonflower will then offer the winning design for sale for exactly a week – no longer – to anyone and everyone through its Etsy shop. More details to come.

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