New Adobe Color Swatches + Color Test File

NOV 4, 2008 updated Apr 26, 2021

Thanks to Danielle's work, we now have an updated set of Adobe color swatches, along with a printable color guide that you can order for a nominal $1.

These are the sorts of things that are useful to designer types who are already pretty proficient with digital design. Over the next couple of days I'm also going to start posting a few tips for non-Photoshop types.


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  • I also found that the link to the chart made my Mac’s Firefox try to open it in QuickTime, resulting in nothing. I believe that when I option-clicked on the link, it obediently downloaded the TIFF file. Also, the link worked correctly in Safari. In terms of correct color representation, though, I’m a little concerned that this chart is an RGB file with an sRGB profile, rather than a LAB color file; and the colors themselves are not even flat colors; they are mottled and they have sharpening artifacts around the edges. Couldn’t you create a LAB file instead, and if you need to reduce its size, do it with the nearest-neighbor setting, rather than bicubic or something, so the colors don’t go bad around the edges?

  • If you save the file to your desktop and open it with a graphics program
    (any program capable of opening TIFs), the color chart file is fine. If
    you’d like us to send you a printed copy of the color chart, just drop a
    note to help. Best, Stephen

  • I am having the same problem! Help I want a chart. Also I swear I saw on someone else blog a much more intensive color chart. But I can’t seem to find it again.

  • I’m trying to open the TIF file with the swatches to load into my account to get a swatch printed, but the file keeps opening in quicktime and will not let me save to upload. Is there another place I can find the file from? Thanks!

  • ckayestudio80

    Yea! Thank you so much! This will be extremely helpful in expediting designs since we will have a better assurance of a color match and less guess work,less swatches to order. I have made some of my own color charts for print, but this is much better. Thanks Again!

  • what about Black? I don’t see it on the charts, but can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be available. right?

  • Hmmm. Since about mid-August colors should have been pretty consistent. With digital printing — as well as with screen printing — you will see variations between jobs. But if you notice a big difference from job to job at this point from the same source file it would surprise me,

  • This is a great idea! Can’t wait to order a swatch. Are the colors printing pretty consistently now? (I’ve noticed that some colors in the same design are a little bit different each time I order the same design — especially the orange/red category)