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OCT 1, 2008 updated Jul 24, 2017

Sewing room, second view
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Sometimes when I feel like torturing myself, I browse Flickr for glimpses of other people’s sewing rooms.  Have y’all done this?  It’s alternately incredibly inspiring and incredibly jealousy-inducing, for me at least.  Here’s a view of our mostly unused formal living room, recently turned into my sewing space.  The rest of the family has yet to switch over from calling this “the Christmas tree room,” but I’m working on that.  It looks very dark because the photo was taken at 5:45 this morning and the sun wasn’t up.  But usually there’s sunlight streaming through those windows, giving me plenty of natural light to see by.  You know, on the rare occasion when I sew during daylight.

Per Soulemama‘s written advice, I’ve recently begun setting my alarm for 5:30 so that I can be sure I’ll get some mama sewing time in my day.  This is the only way I can be sure it’ll happen with two alternate nappers in the house at the moment.  (One day the little girls will nap simultaneously every day, I just know it!  Knocking on wood now…)

How about the rest of you?  Are you lucky enough to have dedicated sewing rooms?  Do you get up super early–or stay up super late–to get in some crafting time?

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  • I’m jealous of *your* sewing space! Mine is a tiny corner of my bedroom or, if I need more room, my dinette table (it’s not even a full-sized dining room table)!

  • AHHH, the dream of our very own sewing room. I don’t think I’d ever come out. Remember the Cosby Show, when he built her (his wife) her very own room. Thats the fantasy for me. 🙂

  • Margery Sherrill

    I was catching up with the blog when this one caught my eye. Oh my, how timely for me. I spent my morning doing the laundry and sorting through the kid’s clothes, putting the outgrown stuff into the “give away” pile, then moving piles from place to place. Underneath it all is my Rubbermaid container with my yards of fabric and endless possibilities. I CRAVE MY OWN SPACE! I too have a napper who doesn’t really sleep all night yet, so it’s a toss up as to whether I stay up REALLY late (and pay for it the next day) or try to catch an hour during the nap. I wish I had a magic wand to create some extra space in my little house, but until then, I take one day at a time and try not to drive myself nuts with expectations. It’s so encouraging to read everyone’s comments and realize I’m not the only one loading and unloading the kitchen table when I want to sew!

  • Carol-anne Morrison

    Hi everyone ,it is so good to talk to a dedicated crafting site .I’m from Launceston Tasmania Australia .
    I have always wanted to print my own fabric ,and at the moment I am stenciling with fabric and plaster ( not together ) I look forward to talking some more with you all .And yes I do have a dedicated work shop and a sewing room for my passion .Just remember everyone …She who dies with the most fabric WINS .

  • Good luck getting both of your little ones to sleep at the same time! Before you know it they won’t be sleeping at all!! My preference is to stay up rediculously late! After helping my no longer little ones with homework etc!

  • I’m working on my studio as I post this. This room has had many lifes. Now I’ve taken it over. This room will have my sewing machine, art table (hubby builtfor me), My computer, table for crafting on and my husband’s fly tying table. This is not a big room but it will be well used. Hopefull I will be posting pictures on my blog soon. Did I mention this is also the dog’s bedroom. This is the first time that I actually have an area set aside for all my favorite activties in one area. LET THE CREATIVITY FLOW.

  • Your room is so neat.
    I just cleaned mine after a big project, and it was piled high in fabric, etc…now it’s cleaned off for the next mess, I mean project… I use our family room. Since we are only a family of two plus one cat it works for me/us.
    I can sew when I am not working…but late afternoon sun streams in and blinds me at the sewing machine. I need new blinds. Old ones are well, non functioning, nor are all the metal strips still in place…you get the picture…lots of gaps for sun to steam in. Ironing board is set up between slider door and computer table which is in the adjoining kitchen. I have a big design table that works well for cutting fabric and piling with embellishments, threads etc.
    Sewing table faces slider doors to back yard so the view is nice and lots of light. I am currently working on storage space.

  • I do have my own sewing room. but I also stretch out beyond that…I have a pool table that has been used more as a design, layout area, then as a pool table. oh well… I’m have to come up with something for you all to print. I’m sort of on overload just thinking about it…

  • I don’t have any children, live in a one bedroom apartment and use my dining room for my craft space. Being single, I don’t really need a dining room so it’s not a big loss. I would LOVE to have more space though. I only have 8’x6′ of space and I’ve managed to cram a sewing cabinet, cutting/pressing table, drafting table and storage into it. I would be thrilled to have an entire room – like 10’x10′, that would be awesome!!! But that will have to wait until I get a raise or win the lottery… LOL

  • I am right now sewing at my kitchen table. We were blessed this past Christmas with a wonderful baby girl (though we were not trying for her, the Lord blessed us anyways. I say this because she older brother is only 11 months older :0) ) So my craft room has been changed to a “diaper” station and a place of peaceful rest.
    I try and sew when they nap or at night since my husband is currently stationed in San Diego and we are in Dayton, IN so my night are very lonely and this fills that time. Though it has been a little over my head at times when I start and then what feels like maybe an hour I look at the clock to see it had been several hour and only a few more before my precise ones rise. But I love to sew so it is worth it and my kids enjoy some of the treasures they get from it.
    I would include pictures but it is a very scary sight even for those that live here. :0)

  • Well, I used to have my own sewing room. As it turns out, though, babies grow into toddlers and toddlers need their own rooms. And my husband won’t let me stuff our little girl into a bedroom with her brothers. However(!), having a little girl’s room to sew for is excellent motivation to relocate asap so I happily took over our upstairs den area and all is right with the world again!

  • I am so glad that someone else is using the living room as their work space. I actually have an art room upstairs, but I love being near the kitchen and family activity. No one seemed to use our livingroom/dining room area. So, I set up my art center and computer here. I don’t sew but I love to paint and design here. I have to try to get up earlier, sounds like a great time to work. Karen

  • I am lucky enough to be an empty-nester with a spare room which I get to use as my sewing room. It is impossibly messy right now–we moved to this house 8 months ago, and I’ve been in throes of a number of projects since then, so it’s never really been finished. So I can look forward to that.
    About getting up early, I’ve started to sew at 5 in the morning just because I get at least an hour’s worth of quilting in each day. It’s been great! I get to watch the sun come up, have some really good coffee, and get stuff done. What could be better…?

  • I stay up late and this is the second year that I have a dedicated space for sewing. I do not have it organized yet but its a work in progress!
    still waiting for my invite!

  • delightful space. I stay up late here myself. I could try the early morning thing, but 2 of the babes follow me when I wake up early usually…

  • I’m a stay up late kind of girl but I don’t have a dedicated room. At the moment I sew in the kitchen which is so far from ideal. We’ll hopefully be moving soon to somewhere with more space so *fingers crossed* I’ll get my own space then 🙂

  • My need to craft has informed many of my other life choices. For example, I have two small children and live with them and my husband in a very small two-bedroom apartment, so we co-sleep! Sometimes the battle rages between my desire for another child and my need for a dedicated sewing room….
    Lately I’ve been dreaming of renting a separate studio space but I suppose it would make more sense to use that money to rent a larger apartment. Logic doesn’t often factor into my crafting obsession!

  • I have a wonderful dedicated space in our office/library with my machine, cutting table, ironing board, and fabric. If you can’t leave your machine out and plugged in, it feels like wasted sewing time setting it all up, so I feel fortunate!

  • I was just trolling flickr for sewing room photos the other day! My former sewing space was our dining room but I am going to move into what was our formal dining room. We had a fire this summer and so are re-building our entire house–a major bump in the road for sure, but I will be a very happy camper when I have my very own room (with a door!) to do with as I see fit.
    So, how do people feel about their cutting space? I had one of those rolling cutting tables from JoAnns and they are great for saving space but they’re a little small. Anyone find something better??

  • That looks like a nice sewing space! Mine is in the unfinished basement. I have so much fabric and am so messy I like to have it all out there in the open. This post has a shot of my messy, but large space:
    I used to sew on the dining room table, but it got to be too much of a bother to pick it up all the time. Now I can have my sewing machines and fabric out and don’t need to pick it up. 🙂

  • I have a dedicated craft room. It was a necessity because of my furry children, my three cats. We didn’t want them to eat any loose thread, yarn or needles. We used a third bedroom in our home as my craft room and my husband’s electronics hobby area. We enjoy the fact that the two of us can still “spend time together” even though we are doing separate things. Kinda corney, but we have been doing this since college and it works well for us. Here are some picts:
    Thing are evolving still, so the arrangement of my tables keep moving around.

  • I do have a sewing room and it’s so nice. If I had to set up and take down every time I wanted to sew, it would happen even less than it does now. And as for time to sew, I have no children… so I sew when the feeling hits me. Please don’t hate. 😉

  • My sewing room is next to the dinning room table. It’s actually a corner not a room. I also browse Flickr oogaling all the fancy sewing/craft rooms. 5:30am ? Really? Wow, that is dedication. I just wait for naps and when they go to bed at night.

  • Lisa, I definitely here ya about the sleep thing! I wish I could say my 10-month old sleeps through the night, but she doesn’t. Still, the additional sleep loss has been worth it to me to feel like at least some little portion of the day has been set aside for me alone. I’ll admit that by the end of the week I’m a little beat, though!

  • I would love a crafting room. I may eventually get one. Perhaps I could convince hubby to let our guest room double as a craft room instead of doubling as a library (as he hopes). Right now we have a 3 year old and a baby due (any day now!) And I sadly don’t get up early or stay up late to craft (sleep is too rare and precious). So I’m not getting any fun crafty time at the moment. But I hope to again soon! LOVE the look of your room.. it’s lovely!

  • This looks like my (very much used by the family) living room these days. It would be great to have a room dedicated to this, but until one of the kids moves out, it’s not going to happen! (they are 7 years and 13 months so I’ve got a while to go on this).