Visual changes to Spoonflower

SEP 12, 2008 updated May 30, 2016

Update to my update: Contrary to my earlier note, our changes are now live!

If you happen to visit the Spoonflower home page today, you may notice a few subtle changes. We’ve updated the header at the top of the page (which means we’ll have to fix the header on the blog soon, too, so they match), but more importantly we’ve fixed a few of the small bugs in the shopping cart checkout process, including a very silly one that rejected the state in your address as ‘invalid’ if you happened to enter it in lower case. Less amusingly, folks using the Paypal option to checkout are now less likely to encounter problems. Thanks, as always, to those of you who take the time to tell us about these things. And thanks for your patience. More exciting changes are on the way.

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