Up & Down & Welcome

SEP 30, 2008

We sent out another big batch of beta invitations this morning, so a lot of folks who’ve been on the waiting list are finally getting a chance to upload their designs today. Welcome!

As a result, the site may seem slower today than usual, and we may have to reboot it once or twice, which will mean a minute or two of downtime here and there. If you try to log in to Spoonflower and find the site down today, please just check back in five or ten minutes and all should be well.

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  • Do you have posted somewhere what the cost of having our designs turned into fabric will be?

  • i just got my first order in, and i am very pleased! the whole process was very fast. this is awesome!

  • Hi!
    Thank You for invitation! I`m so excited about all these endless possibilities to design your ofn fabric!
    However, I have to learn how to do this on computer first (instead of using pen and paper).
    Any good links etc are welcome!