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SEP 23, 2008

Update, 9/24/2008: We’ve fixed the issues mentioned below, but if any of you who are beta-testing encounter other errors on the site please do let us  know. Thanks!

Some of you who already have Beta accounts may have noticed that we released a few changes to the Spoonflower site yesterday, including the ability to create a public profile and public designs. But you may also have noticed that not everything in the new release is working perfectly. Some images, as it turns out, can’t be made public or re-named. And if you uploaded an image to use in your profile, you may find that it has disappeared the next time you log in. Oops. There are a few other issues as well. Please rest assured we are working on fixing these little glitches, none of which affect your ability to upload designs or order fabric.

And for those of you still waiting for an invitation that will allow you to log in to the site and upload your own designs, thank you again for your patience. As soon as we work through this set of issues, we’re going to resume sending out invites for new accounts.

And I know we owe everyone a new video. Working on it.

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  • thanks for the update, gang! also, i just wanted to confirm that my name is on the beta waiting list… and see where i’m at on that list, if possible. i’ve got a client who is very excited about getting some custom fabric printed, and i’d love to give her an eta. of course, i know you must be swamped… so, no pressure. thanks 🙂