SEP 8, 2008

Thanks to all of you who suggested such awesome boy-friendly handmade gifts on my last post.  For those of you who missed it, do check out the comments on this post.  There are some really inspired ideas that might help you out with your own handmade holiday gift list, whether for boys or girls!  The photo left there shows some felt crowns in progress for some of the littler people on my list.  I got the pattern out of Creative Family, but tweaked it a bit.

Even nicer for our family in particular is that this list inspired not only me but also my two older daughters to brainstorm handmade gifts for everyone we could think of!  I was so proud of my ten-year old especially.  Not only did she come up with some lovely ideas for family members, she actually got started making some of them.  I swear, at one point I left the room for a few minutes and when I came back she had strung up a necklace for my mom’s gift already!  Then a few minutes later, she had drafted a stuffed toy pattern for her baby sister and was all ready to go upstairs to choose fabric and bust out the ironing board!  Those of you out there who know my oldest know that it is hard indeed to pry a book out of her fingers and get her off her preferred reading spot on the sofa.  She tends to lose steam with craft projects pretty quickly, but this time she was so excited.  The sheer variety of making possibilities is what did it, I think.

Here’s hoping that you and your families all had similarly inspired weekends!

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  • I missed commenting yesterday, but I have to add a story. Last year I made a throw pillow for my son who was going off to college, he plays guitar and I used that great guitar fabric. I told him my feelings wouldn’t be hurt if he thought it was too dorky for a dorm room. He used it constantly, brought it home for breaks (to sleep with on the car rides), and now it’s with him in the frat house. It was one of the best-used presents ever (I made the cover removable for washing, but I think I’m the only one who does that, p-u!).
    You never know with boys!

  • Although I have 2 girls, I found the ideas, etc. very exciting from the last post! I particularly would like to know the title of the Japanese crafting book that “stacysews” mentioned…so if you are reading this, would you please post? ☺