Daisy Janie divulges trade secrets

SEP 22, 2008 updated May 30, 2016

I think of summer in NC as my indoor season.  It’s just so darn hot and humid in June, July, and August that there’s nothing for it but to stay inside and sew, make slushy drinks for the girls, and remain as still as possible.

September, though?  Glorious relief!  It’s been 70 degrees here lately which means that it’s outdoors for me again today.  For the girls, too.  My middle daughter, all of 3-1/2 years old, found so many worms in the garden today that she had an enormous tangled ball of them in her grubby little palm by the time I noticed what she was doing.  (She said they were "cuddling.")

But all this much needed outdoors time means that I am woefully behind on my crafty blog reading lately!  Which is why that I only registered this very useful post by Daisy Janie this evening.  From one very talented fabric designer and handbag crafter to you, a list of sewing supply companies that Jan DiCintio describes as having "decent service, quality products and very fair pricing."   You’ll find this list especially helpful if you’ve been looking for suppliers of pretty trims, zippers, magnetic snaps, handles and the like. Thanks for sharing, Jan!

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  • I just found about 10 more, but haven’t had a chance to add them! I did track down my interfacing source, but they don’t have a website – waiting for them to get back to me to see if they mind if I post.