AUG 3, 2008 updated May 30, 2016

We just shipped our last from-home shipment of fabrics a couple of days ago and I find myself in a contemplative mood this morning as I consider the fact that we’re moving into our official Spoonflower office space this week!  While I won’t miss our house being turned upside down, doubling as a business space and mail center, there’s something…I don’t know, a little sweet about having had Spoonflower running out of our home with the kids oohing and ahhing over their favorite fabrics.  Those days are done.

Today, there’s a cleaning crew there removing–bless them!–the inch thick layer of grime on this former sock mill’s floor, along with the debris from the air-conditioning installation that just got finished up a few days ago.  I’m meeting a sitter up there tomorrow to talk to her about watching my girls on-site for me while I’m (cough) working.  Part-time working, but still working.  Maybe that’s the real rub.  So far this hasn’t felt all that much like work.  Bet it will once we open the proverbial floodgates and allow people to create accounts without an invitation. (So sorry to be keeping so many of you on the waiting list for an invitation while we finish up this move!)

Pictures of the new space to come soon!.  Y’all can suggest some ways to spruce it up because apparently I’m not allowed to dwell too much on decorating just now.

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  • Hey, thanks to you both! Karen, it’s so nice to hear from you! I’ll have to let you know when we get totally set up and then maybe you and some other Thimble Pleasures gals can come out for a tour!

  • Wow, Kim this is so exciting and has happened so fast. We, at Thimblepleasures are so intriqued by your new venture!

  • This is awesome! Congrats!! It will be nice to regain the house I bet. Also a chance to “close the door” on work for a change. And the sitter for the kids at the shop? I’m so jealous! GOOD LUCK with the move and set up. How exciting for you all.