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AUG 25, 2008

I was the victim of a stupid sewing accident last night.  I was working on this dress out of the Stylish Dress Book, a Japanese pattern book I bought recently from Pomadour, and just realizing I’d made a mistake.  As I wondered to myself whether I might pick up sewing Japanese as fast as I once learned kitchen Spanish in my professional baking days, I stepped backward, tripped over a corner of a rug, and fell hard.  One crushed antique market basket, a banged head, two scraped forearms, and a bloody cut back later…well, I think I’ll give my sewing room a little breather today.  Who knew sewing could be so hazardous?

Perhaps working up some new designs would be a little easier on my body?  Or better yet, since my computer time is likely to be limited by kidnicks today, perhaps I should work on downloading this free design from Petchy to print up.   Read here about Petchy’s fledgling plan to offer designs for purchase that you can upload and print with Spoonflower. I’ve got to hand it to you all out there for constantly coming up with surprising new things to do with our site!  And now to go download those pretty trees…    

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  • oh, that just stinks about your fall! hope you heal up quickly.
    neat idea to be able to purchase designs and upload them to spoonflower to print… wow! can’t wait to hear more 🙂

  • Oh my goodness…. proof that sewing is indeed an extreme sport! I hope you’re ok?
    Thanks for linking to me and telling people about the free download – I hope people will enjoy it! As well as designs for sale there will be some more free ones in the future too 🙂