Thrift shop score makes a mama and a girl happy!

JUL 23, 2008

I wrote recently that running a craft-related business left me with little time to do any sewing of my own anymore and…well, that made me a bit grumpy for a few days, I must confess.  So when I found myself this weekend with only a sleeping baby in the car with me to keep track of and knew that she would stay asleep (transferred to her stroller, of course) if I ran a quick errand, I headed to a nearby thrift store to rustle up some vintage sheets!

Scouring the bins and racks at the thrift shop was something I enjoyed very much in college.  I had tons of free time before my kids were born, very little money, and a taste for old stuff that wasn’t just like everyone else’s stuff.  As a busy mama to three girls, though, it’s been some time since I had the time required to score the good stuff.  You avid thrift shoppers out there will surely agree that you’ve gotta have time to really go through things.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure if, with all the crafting going on around me locally these days, there’d be much in the way of vintage anything left to score.  But guess what–there is!  I got a great haul of eight vintage sheets plus a pillowcase.  It totally made my weekend!

Even better was that I had the time to actually make something from my haul.  Check out my middle girl’s new pilowcase dress, made up from Red Instead’s easy instructions.  If I hadn’t needed to patch the pillowcase in a couple of places because of some unnoticed worn spots, I bet this would have gone together in less than an hour.  I was dismayed when I saw the yucky worn spots, but was inspired to do some applique patches after running across this tutorial on the Sew Mama Sew! blog.  They’re made from some fussy cut Kaffe Fassett flowers and now I’m glad I needed to add them! 

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  • What an amazing score! My children and I go thrifting about once a week, and never have I found that many vintage sheets and pillowcases. The dress is absolutely adorable! And thanks for posting Sew Mama Sew’s applique tutorial. I learned something new today!

  • Vintage sheets are some of my favorite scores; I am especially fond of the old Carter’s sheets with daisies on them! I’ve had them in pink, yellow, blue, and purple before.
    I love that you can make just about anything out of them!

  • darling daughter… in darling dress! don’t you find that some of our best creations come when we’re struggling to salvage a piece! i love the applique — a perfect solution 🙂

  • This is absolutely adorable; I have said this before on other blogs; I wish I could wear a pillowcase dress!!! And what is the little girl’s necklace made of? Buttons?? Darling!

  • Now that is some total cuteness! I have my eye on a garage sale that starts tomorrow afternoon…sounds like it might have some good vintage fabric/linen finds! *fingers crossed*