Quick Update

JUL 2, 2008

We’re shipping fabric these days not just to US addresses but to crafters in Great Britain, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, South Africa, the Virgin Islands, Aruba, and elsewhere, so it’s worth noting here that Friday is a holiday here in the States. Our office (currently Kim and Stephen’s back porch but soon to be the more elegant environs previewed in our most recent video entry) will be more or less closed until Monday. Consequently:

  1. I probably won’t be able to respond quickly to help emails and questions for the next few days.
  2. The next big batch of fabric orders won’t ship out until next week. If your order is in "processing" status (on your account page) then it hasn’t shipped yet.
  3. We have about a thousand people on the waiting list who haven’t yet received invitations to create a beta account. Hang in there a bit longer. We’ll get back to sending invites soon. Thank you for being patient.

My attempt to keep up with Spoonflower buzz has faltered somewhat, but if you’re interested in getting a sense of some of the great things people are either making, or thinking about making, with Spoonflower fabric, scan through these Google blog search results for Spoonflower.

Happy creating.

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  • Hi, Jane! You can care for this fabric in exactly the same way that you would care for other 100% cottons. We’ve had excellent colorfastness reported from many users, which was also my experience when I did my usual pre-shrinking wash in hot water. Hope this helps!

  • This information may be printed in the blog somewhere, I just can’t find it… would appreciate information on the care of the final printed fabric. Thanks for a great service!

  • Jordana, we have been printing on Mondays, although our schedule for the last couple of weeks has been slightly off. But if you get in an order by Monday we should ship it by Friday at the latest.

  • normally you print on mondays, right? i seem to remember a post about needing to get designs ordered before monday morning in order to make it into that week’s batch, but now i can’t find it.