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JUL 10, 2008 updated May 30, 2016

Sarah Dyer at Jinjur made up these super cute zip pencil cases and notebook covers with her Spoonflower fabrics recently.  She and husband Evan Dorkin took these a few weeks ago to HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC, our neck of the woods, where they went home with many thrilled buyers.  (Um, the merchandise, not the artists!) 

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  • I’m just dying to try this!? Any word on how long before a new batch of us will be allowed in? I signed up a few weeks ago and I just cannot wait any longer! Keep up the great job guys!! xo

  • welcome home! and THANK YOU for starting this fabulous business! i am sooo excited about it… along with the rest of the design community, it seems 🙂 we’ve really needed you… and, now, here you are! yippee! while not yet an approved for a beta account, i’m on the list and crossing all my fingers and toes (which makes for difficult keystroking).
    wishing you great success on this wonderful venture!