Spoonflowering, Episode #2

JUN 5, 2008 updated Apr 26, 2021

Here’s a glimpse of a few of the fabulous fabrics shipping out this week (in the mail tomorrow).

You folks are really talented.

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  • Oh my word these are gorgeous! I am so jealous. I need to make my own fabrics! I love it. Emily Martins houses and creeping rabbits are so so adorable. Love it!

  • I loved getting to see the clip, oh how I wish mine was in it 🙂 I’ll be waiting by the mailbox too, then my husband can stop listening to me go on and on…..

  • Hi, Kari. The color chart in the video was actually printed by another Spoonflower member, probably because she wanted to be able to test color shifts herself. Perhaps what I’ll do is find a file for a color chart, size it for a swatch and let people use it/upload it to their own accounts if they’d like to order one. In the short term maybe I can print a few and ship them with some of the orders we send out next week. So if you’re ordering fabric before this coming Monday, please email Kim at help@spooonflower if you’d like a color test patch.
    Apart from the printer and the ink variables, one of the big issues between matching design and output is monitor calibration. Have you calibrated your monitor? (We need a tutorial on this.)

  • I thought I saw a color chart (on this video maybe?,) was that to test how all the different colors print on the fabric?
    I only wonder because I’d LOVE to get one… I adore my first printed swatch, but the colors changed just a teeny bit between my computer screen and the final printed fabric.

  • Brenna, we’re using digital direct printing using pigments. The pigments we’re using offer an unusually broad color gamut.

  • Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll be camped out at my mailbox for the next few days anxiously awaiting my arrival. Everything looks great!