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JUN 3, 2008 updated Apr 26, 2021
  • Crafty Ginger received her first Spoonflower swatch and posted pics. If anyone else wants to post or send pics of your fabric, please let me know. I’m especially looking forward to seeing pictures of projects created using fabric printed through Spoonflower.
  • We sent out another big batch of invites this morning. Hoping to get through the entire beta wait-list soon. If you’re impatient to get yours feel free to email me. If you signed up weeks ago  but haven’t seen an invite yet it might also be worthwhile to check your spam folder for anything with Spoonflower in the subject line.
  • Shipping out our next batch of fabric orders tomorrow or Thursday. We’ll post another video since some of you seemed to enjoy the first one (despite my wife’s complaints about the cinematography).
  • Our shopping cart currently allows just one fabric order at a time, which is frustrating to some of you.  As soon as we can we’ll revise the cart to handle multiple orders at a time. The fabulous Rebecca posted a handy workaround for this in the comments on our shipping FAQ.
  • Thanks to WhipUp for the shout-out this past weekend (doing my best to keep up with Spoonflower buzz here).
  • Living Creatively

  • If you’ve never seen it, take a look at the Australian magazine Living Creatively. Even though we’re still in beta mode and a bit publicity shy, the trend-savvy folks there have taken an interest in Spoonflower — which is very flattering.

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  • I just want to say AMAZING! and THANKS! I have been saying for YEARS that there needed to be a place for the average person to design their own fabric… and here it is! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! For all those wishful projects that have been flying about in my brain and for the PERFECT fabric that you can NEVER find… I’ll be sharing you with my avid quilter friends and family! THANK YOU!

  • So excited for you all…I was just musing last week about what a cool business idea it would be to have a print your own fabric store, b/c I couldn’t find a place to just print designs without the HUGE expense… Started researching and low and behold, Spoonflower! I can’t wait to Spoonflower! What a FAB idea, and look forward to many of my designs coming to fruition. Shouting out from Columbia, SC.

  • Kelli, I hear ya about the little ones. Glad that Spoonflower is giving you the inspiration you need, and can’t wait til we can get your fabric to you, too. It’s exciting on our end as well!

  • can’t can’t can’t wait for my fabric to arrive. i don’t even know if y’all have printed it yet; i don’t care – in the mean time, i’m salivating, hoping the mailman brings me 5 yards of yummy – and soon! i’ve always considered myself an artist, but with two little beans under 4 (one is only 7 months old), well, you know how it is. but i must say, the simple act of sending you my digital file, the simple notion that i will soon receive fabric i designed all by myself – it has motivated and inspired me to get off my rear and get it in artistic gear. thank you spoonflower. really.