Will you put my image into repeat?

MAY 16, 2008 updated Apr 26, 2021

For now we will take any image you upload and either tile it to fill the area of your fabric order or crop it to fit within the area of your fabric order as necessary.

We will not "step" the design repeats and we will not alter the size or dimensions of the design you upload.

If you want to print a single large image you should set up the image at the actual size you plan to print. You could set up a single image to be a linear yard, for example (which in our case would actually be 36"x44"), then order a yard.

If you wanted a smaller image on a yard of fabrc but do NOT want us to tile it to fill the area, set up your image with white space around it to fit the area of fabric you plan to order.

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  • Thank, good to know. Yes, a mini-tutorial would be awesome! I’m sure a lot of readers would be interested. 🙂

  • Hi, Jen. You can step an image using our system just by uploading it to
    Spoonflower and choosing a half-step or a half-brick option. But it’s also
    pretty easy to do using Photoshop.
    Note to self: We should post a mini-tutorial on setting up a stepped image
    in Photoshop.

  • Hi Stephen, do you know how we can “step” an image? Is it a particular software or plug-in? For some reason I’ve had difficulty finding such information. Thanks!

  • If you upload a file to your Spoonflower account and view it in the preview I think you’ll find that the options for repeating a design are fairly straightforward and self-explanatory. We tile from the lower left corner of the “canvas.” You can choose straight tiling repeat, a half-step drop, or a half-brick. All of these will be visible as options in the preview. You can also choose to center your design in the middle of the fabric.

  • I basically have the same question as Charlotte above? If I know how you are tiling I can create a proper repeat. Any sizing suggestions?

  • Check to make sure the colors are in LAB gamut, then save it as a JPG.
    That’s the only way to work with a very large design.

  • If I want to create a single large image and have it printed, I can make it 36″ x 42″ as a photoshop file, but the size limit for uploading is 25 MB. A file created in LAB color in photoshop at 36″ x 42″ is about 100 MB. What do I have to do to reconcile that conflict?

  • Hello!
    I am probably the most inexperienced person you will meet in this field. I spent 36 years teaching and am trying to start a new career. My personal website is http://www.earthlyartist@yahoo.com. All my art is directed to the organic. I want to develop quilt squares that are actual photos of close ups of plants, etc and print on top of them. For a 44″x36″ of fabric that would call for tiles 8×10 with border or left blank to fit for quilt pieces. Is this possible? Anxious to hear from you.

  • charlotte flory

    Hello and thank you for inviting me to print! I have never seen my patterns printed out, but will give it to you in repeat tile. My question is what size repeat do you need my tile to be? will it just fall off the edge of the width of the fabric? As in a rotary print, i would normally need to know the circumference of the roller to make a perfect repeat-with digital, does that come into play, or can I use any repeat tile size?
    And just to confirm:
    I am to send you only the actual repeat tile, and you will fill the 3 yards with it?
    Hope that makes sense!
    Thank you,

  • Is there a size/layout that makes the tiling look right? I am a total “dummy” so maybe this is obvious, but I just created a pattern on a standard sheet of paper, but I think tiling it might leave a weird border/margin around the outside edge. Not sure how to make it look right…whether a swatch or a yard or whatever…?