What a weekend!  If it wasn’t apparent from his many posts about the site, Stephen spent  pretty much the whole weekend sitting in front of a computer.  For my part, I’m helping with idiot-proofing.  I’m positive that I’m the most tech-UNsavvy person helping start an internet company there is. 

That said, though, I’m a fast learner.  I’m getting the hang of trying to "draw" on a computer and managed to produce a little floral design that Stephen says got printed today.  Flowers_with_buzzy_bee
It ain’t fabulous, but it’s mine!  I’m looking forward to seeing a fat quarter of my design when Stephen gets home this evening.  I forgot to set my resolution to 150 dsi and have no idea how pixels translate into inches–though I told Stephen a conversion chart might be a handy feature for us non-techy types–so it should be interesting…

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