Mama and girl prints

MAY 5, 2008 updated May 30, 2016

  Mama and girl prints 
  Originally uploaded by Secretsugar

Woo-hoo!  As I mentioned the last time I posted, I’ve been very inspired…hmmm, make that obsessed now, by Lotta Jandsdotter’s Lotta Prints.  Finally, finally, over the weekend I managed to get some potatoes carved so that my 3-year old daughter and I could do some printing together.  Success!  Permanent fabric paint is a little scary around a toddler, but on the other hand it’s just clothes she’d be ruining, right?  And I’m trying to be better about letting my kids have access to "the good stuff," as Soulemama talks about in The Creative Family.  Yeah, another book I’m obsessed with.

The large navy blue starry shapes are actually made from quilter’s template plastic I had lying around, but the rest are spud-based.  I kinda like the two ovals stamped on top of one another best, I think.  It should take me only a mere five more days to hem them all into tea towels!

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