How much does custom fabric cost?

MAY 20, 2008

Updated 07-29-2009

Spoonflower prints on the highest quality fabric we can source using eco-friendly, non-toxic pigment inks.

Quilting-weight. Our base fabric is white 100% cotton, 60-square, and just slightly over 4 ounces per yard. It is lightweight combed cotton broadcloth with a soft hand — perfect for quilting and sewing. The printable width of the fabric is 42 inches (with 1-2 inches of unprinted selvage).

Swatch (8" x 8") $5.00
Fat quarter (21" x 18") $11.00
Per yard (42" x 36") $18.00

Upholstery-weight. We also offer an upholstery-weight 100% cotton sateen (warp sateen) that is just over 10oz per yard, with a lustrous surface well-suited to digital printing. It's great fabric for bags, pants, home dec projects, and the like. The fabric has a printable width of 55 inches (with 1-2 inches of unprinted selvage).

Swatch (8" x 8") $5.00
Quarter-yard (27" x 18") $17.00
Per yard (55" x 36") $32.00

Linen-Cotton blend (For a limited time only). This is a special fabric that we'll only offer while our supply lasts during June. It's an antique yellow (tea-stained) 55% linen, 45% cotton blend that is around 5 ounces per yard and would be great for skirts and blouses, especially historical reconstructions. It has a printable width of 40 inches (1-2 inches of unprinted selvage) and has 51 x 49 threads per inch.

Swatch (8" x 8") $5.00
Fat quarter (20" x 18") $12.00
Per yard (40" x 36") $24.00

Organic Cotton Sateen.  Spoonflower's organic sateen is a creamy cotton fabric perfect for making baby items, blouses, dresses, and pillows. It is certified organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).  It has a printable width of 58 inches (147 cm), weighs 4.5 oz per yard, and has an extremely soft hand and glossy, cream-colored finish.      

Swatch (8" x 8") $5.00
Quarter-yard (29" x 18") $14.00
Per yard (58" x 36") $27.00

–Shipping rates–


  • The maximum length of a single piece in an order is 5 yards (180 inches or 457 cm), but you can order multiple 5-yard pieces.

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  • I’m assuming the pricing is in American dollers….any possibility in adding a currency converter?

  • THIS IS EXCITING! I have been trying to get my designs on fabric for a long time; however, your price is a little high. I will probably just go with a maximum of 1 yard or less for the time being. I am presently putting together a portfolio for prospective customers. This is very exciting!

  • Cynthia Strickland

    Thank you so much for the invite. I am excited to see my designs in print. My mind is swirling with ideas! This is a tremendous opportunity for all of us who enjoy designing!

  • Tim,
    Once you have an account, you can print as many designs on as much fabric as you like.
    The designs you upload to Spoonflower are private unless you choose to make them public. We will only print your design when you order it. The only other printing we might do would be to test the printer settings, colors, etc. We don’t make any other use of anyone’s designs.
    Hope that helps! -Stephen

  • Hi! I wanted to ask a few questions about your company. How many times can a person get you to print their fabrics? The second question is will you be copying other peoples ideas to use them for personal use or will you just make the fabrics exculsively for them? I am starting a clothing label and honestly I wish to get my own fabric made but I am having trouble finding a company to do my prints. Hopefully you can help me in this tasks and we can do some business.

  • This is such an awesome site, i hope i get an invitation so i can get my joker fabric made up

  • Minka,
    Thanks for your enthusiasm! On the silk question, the answer is yes, we will probably offer silk at some point. We’re planning to introduce a second fabric option soon, but we’ll probably let people vote on it first. Leading contenders at the moment are heavier, upholstery-weight cottons.
    On the swatch question, we won’t enlarge or shrink an image to fit the swatch. If your image is larger than 8″x8″ (printed at 150dpi), then we’ll crop it. If it is smaller we will tile it to fill the swatch area.
    Hope that helps!

  • This is SO EXCITING! I learned about you on my birthday and this has to be one of the best BDay gifts I’ve ever received!
    SILK QUESTION: Will you perhaps offer silk some day?
    Do you print part of the design or shrink the whole thing to fit? What should I send you for a swatch?

  • Mary Kennedy

    This is sooooo exciting! I do hope I get picked soon as my fabric is for a quilt project for my grandson using one of his designs! And I’m starting a new career here in Ireland as a fabric designer, so this is so cool to discover! See all the exclamation marks in the post? That’s how exciting this is! Hope you continue to be successful and graduate soon to full-fledged from beta, Spoonflower!

  • Very cool. I’ve been wanting something like this for a while. However the price is a bit out of my range. Which has me thinking about something where you can get your cut-out pattern pieces screened….at least then you wouldn’t be paying for wasted fabric.

  • Denise,
    We’re still figuring out what kinds of efficiencies we can wring out of the production process, but eventually yes we would love to offer a range of fabrics including at least one at a price below $18.

  • Thank you for the invite! This is an exciting prospect!
    Thanks for the great resources on the colouring and such. Do you anticipate your prices will remain the same or possibly go down when you shift out of beta mode?

  • Just a small suggestion concerning the size unit…
    As a french lucky beta-tester but nonetheless metric-system user, I just had to ask google to put the inches in centimeters for me so that I have better idea of what a fat quarter really is. Even though I don’t know how many people are concerned, perhaps you could give the sizes in meters or centimeters as well as in inches ? My two cents :).