How long will it take to receive my fabric order?

MAY 16, 2008

Updated 09-02-2020

Spoonflower is a global marketplace connecting makers and consumers with artists worldwide. We’re revolutionizing the textile industry through our on-demand digital printing technology and eco-friendly, sustainable and scalable manufacturing processes.

What does it mean to print on-demand? We’re so glad you asked!

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Here at Spoonflower, we custom-print every fabric and paper item to order—this means we do not keep a regular inventory in the usual sense of the word, but it also means that any design for sale is essentially “in stock,” since we physically create it when you order it! All the designs you see for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace are created by independent artists the world over—and you are welcome to create and upload your own original designs as well! The time it takes to print and receive your order varies according to the volume of orders we currently have.

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  • I placed my order Sept 8th, and tracking is saying it will not be here until Sept 19th. I’m not too happy because I’m making service dog gear for a client and she has been waiting a long time for this much needed medical equipment. When I ordered, it said that it would be here by the 17th at the latest.

    • Hi Holly,

      Thanks for using Spoonflower and we’re sorry to hear your order is taking longer to arrive than expected! If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to contact with your order number for additional assistance.

  • The order said 8-9 days, so that’s why I wondered if it had something to do with the fabric choice. But THANK YOU so much for your speedy reply (and attention to detail)! I just sent a shout out to you on Twitter regarding your customer service! 😉

  • Nicole,
    Our wait time actually varies day by day depending on the order volume. When you place an order in your cart — and then again on the order confirmation email — you should see our current average turnaround time. For people ordering today, for example, the wait time to ship is averaging 10 days. I wish we could lock it down so that it was always the same, but we're just not there yet. I'm sorry!

  • I see that you noted turnaround time as 7 days, yet tomorrow will make two weeks for an order I’m waiting on. I’m having it printed on the linen-cotton blend- does that have anything to do with the wait by chance? Thanks for your help! -Nicole

  • Gila, we’re at an average turnaround of eight days at the moment. Should be back under five days again around the middle of October.

  • We’re trying to bring the timeframes back down after falling behind for a
    few weeks. When all printers are functioning, we can get most orders to you
    within two weeks. For the last month, we’ve had some orders taking four
    weeks, however. An unhappy situation for all. But we’re working on it. If
    you know anyone who’d like to buy us some new textile printers, drop me a

  • Thank you for your quick respond,
    Is it the order still take 3 weeks to receive the fabric?
    In your response to other customer, you said “In general we are printing and shipping orders within 10 days”.
    Is it true? if it is it would be great, .
    Thank you

  • I wish it was possible, but we are just slammed at the moment. Eventually we
    really will have enough production capacity to offer express service. We
    just can’t do it at the moment. I’m sorry!

  • Hi Stephen,
    I live in Milwaukee, WI, US. I’m doing a school project, which I need the fabric within 1 to 2 weeks maximum, is that possible, I would pay more the the priority shipping and any other priority fee. Is that possible?
    Thank you so much,

  • Jen,
    It’s a bit hard to anticipate International shipping times because sometimes
    things get hung up in customs. In general I tell people to expect three
    weeks from the day of order for International packages going to Canada. It
    might arrive in two weeks, but it would not be a good idea to count on that
    if you have a deadline.

  • Hi there,
    This is such a great service!
    I’m wondering about delivery times to Toronto, Ontario. If I have the design sent to you by monday of next week (feb 16th) can I have it by March 1st?
    Thanks for your time,

  • If you can email us and let us know your email address, we’ll look up your
    order and let you know the status of your order. In general we are printing
    and shipping orders within 10 days. The bad news is that our experience so
    far with delivery times in Italy has not been great. I tell International
    customers to expect two weeks, but we’ve seen at least two orders to Italy
    take a month to be delivered. I hope that doesn’t happen in this case.

  • Hello, i’ve post my own design on 25, the fabric still processing, how long does i have to wait that you print the fabric and ship to me?
    I’m just a bit hurry, an how long does the shipping take to arrive to italy? 🙂
    Thank you

  • Hello – I just read about your site in Craft magazine. I just wanted to say how excited I am that you’ve offered this service! I’ll be planning my first order ASAP.
    – bear

  • Sockstitcher

    I know you say you are fulfilling orders very slowly for now . . . just curious if there’s any chance I could get my order (placed today) in about a week. ? It’s for a last-minute Christmas sewing project. Any chance? Thanks –

  • Bernard,
    That should be ok, although international shipping is a bit unpredictable.
    You should order in the next day or so to be safe.
    Thanks for the note.

  • Hey. Yeah I’m in Sydney Australia and only recently planned to prepare for a Christmas present. Is it possible to get one week prior to Xmas?