Lotta Prints

APR 30, 2008

I got my copy of Lotta Jandsdotter’s Lotta Prints in the mail yesterday and I’m so inspired now!  I already had a copy of her Simple Sewing  in my possession and, while it is an equally lovely, approachable book, I was deep in the throes of projects from Amy Karol’s Bend-the-Rules Sewing at the time and didn’t want to switch inspiration just then.  Lotta Prints, though!  It’s one of those must.do.this.now kind of books.  Her instructions are crystal clear and the photos taken by her best friend, Jenny Hallengren, show the connection between Lotta’s designs and what she sees around her. I’ve already run out to buy several bottles of fabric paint and some cheap stencil brushes to work on some stencil designs (hopefully!) this afternoon.  Or maybe some potato prints with the girls…

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  • I’ve mulled over whether to get this book, must now get book. Can’t wait for the site to be up and running have many designs ready and waiting. Alas I can’t find anywhere in Australia to get these printed.

  • Steffen (3GIRLS & a goat)

    Yes, I have to agree after getting my copy several weeks ago through Amazon (and over to Australia), I just love the clarity and easy to do nature- very inspiring, beautiful pics, and I have started many projects following my nightly look-throughs.

  • I have seen this on another blog – but not in real life! It sounds ace! I hope you have heaps o fun a printing!